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Xinxiang Ruicheng Technology Co., Ltd.       Located in the eastern section of Qinglong Road of Xinxiang Economic Development Zone, Xinxiang Ruicheng Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise and a new-type technology enterprise integrating development, research, production and sales. Our company got the high-tech enterprise certification in 2015 and obtained the certification of province-level R&D center in the same year; our company successfully listed on the New Third Board (NEEQ) and officially entered the capital market in 2016. In May 2018, our company entered the innovation layer; our company and Shanghai Acebright Pharmaceuticals Group jointly established a subsidiary (Xinxiang Ruinuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd) in March 2017.

       Our products are mainly used in the production of nucleoside APIs, antiviral APIs, perindopril APIs and vitamins, etc. ...


        Xinxiang Ruinuo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was jointly funded by Shanghai Acebright Pharmaceuticals Group (Pusheng) Co., Ltd. and Xinxiang Ruicheng Technology Co., Ltd. in March 2017 as a manufacturing, researching and developing enterprise of new high-end pharmaceutical intermediates. Now, our company is located in the circular economy park of Industrial Cluster Zone of Xinxiang County, .......

brand strength of new technological enterprises

excellent technology, quality assurance
  • The production technology of adenine is the world's leading technology, and
    the product quality is stable.
  • Exports meet the USP standard of the US Pharmacopoeia, accounting for
    45% of the global market share, ranking second in the same industry.
  • Innovation of production methods to develop new products, new processes,
    reduce production costs, energy saving, environmental friendliness and
    other advantages.

enterprise honor looks forward
  • In recent years, 15 national utility model patents have been declared and 2 invention patents have been accepted.
  • In 2014, our company was successfully certificated to ISO9001:2008 quality system and ISO14001:2014 environmental management system.
  • Achieved the certificate of high-tech enterprises issued jointly by Henan Provincial Science and Technology Department, Finance Department, State Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau.

after-sales guarantee, let you have no excellence

  • Taking market demands as orientation, talent as base, productas support,
    management as the link, development as goal
  • Our company constantly improves our scientific management system of
    production and operation, sales and service, and strengthens the knowledgeable,
  • we are going to make innovation on the course of pharmaceutical intermediates
    constantly and working hard to provide customers with quality and efficient services.


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